Trade list

My trade list/ things I'm interested in:

~*~Dolls & parts~*~ 
~Another Secret Narcissus 
~Bluefairy WS Olive boy
~Bluefairy Marine Kyle 
~DiM Happy latest ver. boy body
~DiM Benetia head (both types) 
~Doll Chateau Ada
~Aileen Doll Ashes
~Aileen Doll Lapis 
~Aileen Doll limited Cathy
~Souldoll Souloid boy
~Pipos R.PI Derek (basic)
~Sweet Gale Cyril
~Sweet Gale Wayne
~Alchemic Labo Unoa L-bi
~Alchemic Labo Chibi Unoa Lilin
~DollZone Freddy (with horns)  
~Soom Dune (bronze, boy, fantasy form)
~Doll Chateau old 40cm boy body (WS)
~Doll Chateau Bella head (WS)
~Iplehouse EID Kamau (lightbrown, Superhero body)
-Soom Aphan (CW - faun form, no human legs or head needed)
-Soom Aloa (CW - only centaur form and head) 
-Soom Ai and/or Afi (only deer form with hooves, normal, white or brown skin... I'm interested in all the Ais and Afis! lol )
-Fairyland MNF Woosoo boy (vamp and NS)
-Volks School A head
-ChicLine Rou
-Mini Dollfie Dream Body
-MDD Nuomi Kudryavka head

-Iplehouse Aaliyah 'The Addiction' outfit 
-Vintage/Antique style outfits and pieces (70cm, 1/3 & 1/4 boy & girl)
-'Fashion style' clothing - any kind - (70cm guy size)
-Mecha Angel size clothing
-Boots (for 70cm+ guys) 
-Girl dresses & skirts - only vintage style - (1/3 size)
-Girl boots (1/3)