Jul 17, 2014

Opening time info

Hello and sorry for my radio silence! 
My sister was visiting us as a mostly impromptu holiday for her and since this was her firs time in the UK and we haven't seen each other in ages, we have been traveling around while she was here. :) 

Now, however, I'm back online and will be answering emails and finishing the remained commissions, along with the new system! I think all will be done by the 27th, so I'm setting the 27th of July up as a most likely (albeit not set in stone) reopening date! 

Thank you for your patiences with me...!! m(> <)m <3


  1. I am so happy to know you had an awesome time with your sister. And welcome back...i am so excited about your next commission. Happy weekend and love to you

  2. awwwww it's soooo cute think of you and your sister together in UK *///*... have nice days <3

  3. Hey .. are you going to open up anytime soon =D ?