Jun 27, 2014

June reopening postponed 1-2 weeks

I didn't want to leave anyone hanging, so I felt the need to post another update regarding the promised June reopening... I hoped to be able to open in June, but I really want my next Commissions to go through the new system which I was  trying to build in these past few weeks. The process takes a bit longer than I anticipated so, with the testing and stabilising I think the 'big reopening' will have to happen in the first two weeks of July instead. 

So sorry for making you wait, everyone! I just don't want to use the system until it's properly tested and working. ^ ^; In the meantime, I will try to build back my online presence. 

Thank you for all your patience and for following my work - or just dropping by! 
Have a lovely weekend everyone and hopefully,  see you very soon! :) <3


  1. Will you open in August as well? I don't know if the Blythe I want to send you will be carved till you re-open in July (I doubt it x'D)

    1. Yes, I think I'll be open in August as well! :D

  2. Really looking forward to opening. Happy week and love to you

  3. I'm on the edge of my chair with anticipation. Someone here needs your faceup so bad!