Jun 8, 2014

Some updates

Hello!  I have some updates to share with all of you! (◉‿◉✿)

First of all, I wanted to confirm that yes, I will be opening this month, too. However, I have some big plans so before I do that, I need to settle a few things, calculate a few others and change this site, too... to accomodate those plans. I'm excited and also a little nervous! lol! But I think you'll be happy with the new system. ;) 

Also, just a reminder, if you would like to stay up to date with what's happening and see more regular updates, please follow my [PearlsofDanube twitter]!

Thank you and have a lovely Sunday, all! 。>‿◕。


  1. I have a question regarding your face-up commissions - would you accept Blythes as well? I'm kinda dreaming of a Blythe painted by you since a while XD (would be a pre-carved one)

    Looking forward to hear about the changers you plan! :3

    1. If they're pre-carved, sure! I haven't worked on a Blythe before so it should be exciting... xD
      Thank you! :))

    2. Oh that's great to hear! I'll be stalking your slots then ;)

  2. I think I'm becoming annoying as hell))
    Are you planning to take air-blushing jobs? I'm still one on those stalking the future slots (after the move), but this question is sososo important))

    Hurray to all the your future work anyway! You're the best))

    1. Aww, not at all! I just wanted time to reply properly which I didn't have in the last 2 weeks bc of the move, but after I can stand again that's over and I finally can! :'D *lol*

      Unfortunately, until I buy an airbrush I can't. The one I used was borrowed for the odd jobs from my friend back in Hu. :) I plan on buying one but that might be much later from now. I'll definitely share if I do!