Jun 5, 2011

Waitlist is now OPEN ~

June Waitlist is now OPEN.

please read the -  'Before Ordering' 'Commission Infos' and if you have any question left, the 'FAQ' menu points - carefully through this time.
They should give answers to your every question, and if not, there's also info where you should write then. 
There are also some minor changes compared to last time.

**post under this thread to get a slot**

Thank you for coming, everyone! ^_^=


  1. HI!!!!! I'm hereee for a slot!!! Yeah! :P

  2. hiya!

    can I have a slot for a 1/6 dollfie with rooted vinyl head? =3

  3. Hi Shiroir :D

    This is Kangetsu from DOA and Flickr! I would love a slot for Yukinojo >W<

  4. @shert~ What company is the head - and does it have opened eyeholes? I took 1/6 rooted vinyl head commissions needing to have eyes painted on in the past, but as it needs a very different kind of work, these heads always take extremely long to complete and thus I'm not taking them anymore. So, if it needs eyes painted on and such I'm afraid I can't accept it right now. Only with opened eyeholes. I'm very sorry! :'(

    :: With shert 9 slots are taken and 8 if the head will not qualify. ::

    Also, please remember to email on my pearlsofshop email regarding the slots!

    Thank you everyone! ^^=

  5. Hi ^^

    This is samael69 from DoA ! Can I have a slot for a Soom Ender, please !
    Thanks ^^

  6. I would love to get a slot!

  7. Hi. It's Silvia who grabbed the last slot.
    Thank you!! ^^

  8. @Shiroi - actually I don't really like painted eyes so I already opened the eyeholes and the doll is a Volks Neo-go ^^

  9. @shert~ Oh, that's all right then. Since he's so small, I won't add you to the 'big list' but please go ahead and send the form and such on my pearlsofshop email. ;)

    Thank you everyone for coming~!! ^__^=

  10. Hi Shiroi :)
    I see that the waitlist for June is closed >.<
    Do you think you'll open some slots in July? *3*

    Also, I had a little extra question... I purchased a Breccia head with a beautiful make-up by you, and I like everything in it... except her lips. Is it possible for you to do partial touch ups on a face-up? Or do you have to wipe it all off every time? >.<

    Thank you very much :)

    Jaina on DoA ^^

  11. Hi~!

    Most of the time I don't know beforehand if I'll be able to reopen at a fixed month or not as it'll depend on how much time I have to work on commissions, but if all things go well and the list can move up, yes, I think I'll reopen durinf july - or latest in August.^^-

    About changing a faceup - if it's just adding things, I would most likely be able to do it ( not sure though) but removing things ( like colours or lines) is impossible without redoing the whole faceup I'm afraid. ><

    Hope this helps!

    Thank you for liking my work! ^___^=

  12. Thank you so much for your answer!
    I'll be watching this blog for your next commission opening, and if I get a slot when the time comes, I'll email you a picture of the face-up I told you about, so you can tell me if there's something you can do about it ^^

    Jaina -