Jun 3, 2011

~Waitlist opening time~

So, finally having a decent internet and time to work, also!

I'll open the Whislist with 10 slots on the 5th of June ( 2 days from now - on Sunday) at 20:00PM( CET )
(Please keep in mind that this time may alter if you're from a different time zone.)

Also, please read the -  'Before Ordering' 'Commission Infos' and if you have any question left, the 'FAQ' menu points - carefully through this time.
They should give answers to your every question, and if not, there's also info where you should write then. 
There are also some minor changes compared to last time.

Please remember that I use my pearlsofshop email adress for commissions already, which you can find under the above mentioned menu parts.

as a ps note: You do not have to comment on this post to get a slot! You'll only need to comment on the new post I make for the opened list. Which title will be something along the lines of 'Slots are now open!'.
Also, I don't think there'll be any need to rush after opening, in fear that the slots will fill up too soon ( not likely xD ). I just use this method to keep things more organised! ^__^=

♥Thank you for your patiences and support everyone!! m(_ _)m ♥

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