Jan 22, 2013

Slots are FULL

February and March places are now FULL/CLOSED!♥ 

And so, my Commissions are closed.

Thank you so much for all of your kind interest!
I'm really honored so many people like my work.


Some reminders for those of you who'll be sending me your dolls:

Please make sure you read everything needed to know inside the above Menu points! They are there to help and inform you about all there is to know. :)

Please don't forget to email me with your details (name, nick, and what kind of doll(s) you'll be sending.) ASAP to confirm your slot, on my commission email. (pearlsofshop@yahoo)

!Very important!:Please don't forget to include your nick you are on the list with with the head(s) you'll be sending! = Inside the parcel you send me. I'll be getting a lot of packages and it'll help tons not to cause any mix-ups. ;)

Also, if you can't print the Order Form(s) to send with the dolls, or of you have separate pictures to send me, please send them to my commission email only (pearlsofshop@yahoo) because otherwise it's really hard to hunt them down from several different places and I won't do it this time.
Please also make a new email message for this purpose, with a similar title of (I'll use my own nick for the example): "Order form - Shiroi"  and don't send them in a 'reply' form from our previous messages. This is also to make it much easier for me to find them. I hope you understand! :)

And for the end: 
Those of you who're not from inside the EU, please  remember about customs! 

Hmm, I think this is all! 

Thank you for your attention and have a wonderful day~! ^___^=

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  1. Love your work. Hope to send one of my dolls for your face up one day.