Jan 8, 2014

OPEN - January places are now Open

The 4 January slots are now open!

Please remember that several things and rules have changed this time, so please read all information under the appropriate menu points! :)

♥ Thank you for coming and for liking my work -- for your amazing support!! ♥


  1. A slot for me, please!)))
    Gluino head and Phonolus fantasy parts blushing
    Love love love love love you)))

  2. Two slots for me, please :)
    Or at least one, if only one is left available.

    Thank you

    Kozabo (Katerina Koretskaya)

    1. Soom Ender & Soom Dia heads

    2. Uhh, this time (and from now on) I was only accepting applications for slots via emails to my yahoo pearlsofshop address... that's why I wrote to please check all menu points and descriptions, since the way I'm taking applications have changed. I'm so sorry! I'm sorting out emails right now, and will get back to you shortly! :)

    3. Ok...Sorry -_- I hope, I`ll be more lucky next time

      - kozabo

    4. Well, silly me again)) Hope you'll be back soon)

    5. No, I knew I should've wrote it out in the news posts as well... I promise I won't keep changing methods in the future. I kept trying to find the best way. Uhhh *sob*

      @Ardyse~ I can only take on faceup commissions right now, unfortunately. I can't do body or fantasy parts blushing, only hands/feet blushing. Sorry! ><;; (I don't have an airbrush with me now)

      @Kozabo~ I'm really sorry! ;_; There might still be some chance, though. Just need to sort all the applications out. :)

      I'll probably open during Feb or March as well, for a few places. Hopefully with less confusion. I'll have to keep everything in mind!

    6. Well, I'll just have to wait, don't I?))) Since you're the best ;)

    7. @Shiroi ~ No worries :) I will wait