Oct 26, 2011

Waitlist Opening time~

I'll open the Waitlist with 9 slots on the 27th of Oct (on Thursday) at 20:00PM( CET )
(Please keep in mind that this time may alter if you're from a different time zone.)

Everything will go as usual. ^^-

This time too, lease read the -  'Before Ordering' 'Commission Infos' and if you have any question left, the 'FAQ' menu points - carefully through before you decide to email me. ;)
They should give answers to most of your question, and if not, there's also info where you should write then. 

Please remember that I use my pearlsofshop email adress for commissions already, which you can find under the above mentioned menu parts.

as a ps note: You do not have to comment on this post to get a slot! You'll only need to comment on the new post I make for the opened list. It's title will be something along the lines of 'Slots are now open!'.
Also, I don't think there'll be any need to rush after opening in fear that the slots will fill up too soon ( not likely xD ), so please relax. I just use this method to keep things more organised! ^__^=

♥Thank you for your support everyone!! m(_ _)m ♥

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